Finding Inspiration

How do you find new ideas for books when it seems like everything has already been written about? Watching movies and T.V shows or reading other people’s books is a good start. Sometimes you can even get ideas from a song or a music video. It’s not easy and sometimes you have to mix a little of the old with the new. What I mean by that is, sometimes you have to take a piece of an old idea and add your own flavor to it. For instance, lets say someone else came up with an idea about a lady cop who winds up going after a killer and the killer gets caught. You can take that same old tired story line and turn it into something more interesting like having the killer be her husband only she doesn’t find out until she catches him and then he tries to kill her. Yes I know that even that idea has been done before but you get the idea. Or have the real killer be the cop that goes after him. If I were writing this story, I would have the cop slowly go crazy while trying to catch the killer until she winds up becoming even more homicidal then the killer she was after. I must be a little crazy myself as I believe most artists are and that is what makes us different. I love being different…Until next time.